Portfolio of Writing Samples


Since becoming a freelance writer and copywriter, I have written many articles for employers and clients. Below are just a few examples covering a wide range of topics. These should give you a feel for my writing abilities and the quality of work I produce.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, it doesn’t mean I can’t help.  Contact me today to discuss your project.  If I’m not the right person for the job, I’ll let you know.

A lot of my client work is confidential, ghostwritten, or not published under my name. Regardless, I encourage you to navigate to the articles on the following links for a small sample of my articles have been published with or without my name attached.

Healthcare Marketing

8 Trends That Will Disrupt Healthcare Marketing in 2020
Healthcare marketers face many more obstacles than marketers in other industries. To gain leverage, stay ahead, and compete with today’s medical marketing tactics, you need to embrace the key emerging, disruptive, and unavoidable healthcare trends. With a continually updated healthcare marketing strategy, your company will find prospective patients, generate more revenue from qualified leads, improve patient engagement and loyalty.

IT Technical Writing

DevOps vs SRE? Similarities & Differences?
DevOps has its origins in the need for enterprise organizations to be able to rapidly roll out application deployments and thus leverage competitive advantages. For companies looking to accelerate application delivery, there’s a good chance they have already considered either implementing DevOps or at least embracing its principles.

Digital Marketing

The Secrets of Marketing to Generation Z

Generation Z, also known as the Post-Millenials, the iGeneration, or the Homeland Generation, has arrived. As a marketer, you are advised not to ignore this new and very different demographic where you’ll need to apply a new set of approaches when marketing to Generation Z.

Digital Marketing

What You Can Learn from Coca-Cola’s Marketing Strategy

Perhaps you haven’t thought about it, but Coke is often associated with happiness. In fact, the words Coca-Cola, in Mandarin, means “Delicious Happiness.” So, when you view the company’s “Happiness Machine” video on YouTube, you will also be convinced! Just think about that when evaluating the Coca-Cola’s Marketing Strategy.

Health and Wellness

The Dos & Don’ts of Following a Plant-Based Diet

This article attracted your attention probably because you are considering switching to a plant-based diet, like the Hallelujah Diet or at least wanting to incorporate more vegetables and fruit into your diet. Up to now, it is highly likely that you have been following the Standard American Diet (SAD). However, like many others, you might be dealing with obesity, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, a heart attack, or even a stroke and are seeking ways to make positive improvements to your health.

Health and Wellness

A Vegetarian’s Guide to Planning & Growing a Garden

While transitioning to a plant based diet, such as the Hallelujah Diet, you’ll see major improvements in your health! Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on supermarkets to provide you with fresh and non-contaminated produce. Farmer’s markets are great ways to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables but this can be pricey. An alternative could be found right in your own backyard – even with the limited space, you could quite easily grow a great selection of your favorite vegetables in your very own backyard space. Planning this and putting it all together could be much fun. What’s more, the whole family would not only benefit but could also lend a hand!

How to Make 2020 Your Sexiest Yet With Liposuction & BodyTite

At the start of every year, friends, family, and of course, the media challenge us to make New Year’s resolutions. Without fail, these always include losing weight, quitting smoking, saving money, eating healthy, and exercising. And there could be even more piled on top of these!

What Makes a Good Glass of Wine?

The glass standing on the table in front of you is just the beginning. 

You might be surprised by the number of factors that need you to need to consider when seeking out a good glass of wine. The winemaking process might have produced the wine in the glass standing on the table in front of you, but it was only the beginning. Several factors work together to make that glass of wine truly “good,” and you need to be careful not to become overwhelmed!