Health and Wellness Copywriter
and Content Creator

You already have an excellent service or product that positively impacts the health and wellness of others.

But how is it going to become even better?

To spread the word, you need a highly-skilled copywriter and content creator to help your prospects, whether they are B2B or B2C, to understand and buy into the value you offer.

The last thing your prospective customers want is a hard and confusing sales pitch.

Finding a writer who understands the nuances of the health and wellness market is a challenge. Even harder is finding a writer who has years of hands-on experience to contribute to your goals.

This is where I can help.

My name is Allan Seabrook, and I effectively help healthcare and health and wellness companies to produce marketing copy and content to promote ideas and products to potential customers.

With many years of experience as a health coach, fitness trainer, biotech technical writer, and freelance writer, I have a solid ability to produce copy on a wide range of topics. As a result, I’m able to add significant value to your organization and your company’s bottom line. 

I understand the challenges and intricacies of healthcare delivery, patient experience, and electronic health records with my skills and background.

What’s more, as an AWAI Verified Copywriter, I’m even better qualified to hit the ground running and produce copy and content that will resonate with your intended audience.

As a people-oriented, results-driven copywriter with intense interest and expert skills in health, fitness, wellness, and technology, I would love to work with you! Always curious, always learning, and seeking answers, new subject matter doesn’t intimidate me.

Writing for companies in the health and wellness and healthcare industries demonstrates that I have the versatility and flexibility to take on just about any copywriting challenge you throw at me.

Engaging web pages, blogs, articles, whitepapers, and relevant, helpful content are what keep visitors engaged on your site and keen to buy your products and services.

Invest your time and efforts in running your business and leave the writing to me!

Years of Experience as a Freelance Writer, Biotech Technical Writer, Holistic Health Coach and Fitness Trainer.

While Health, Wellness and Fitness might be my main niche, my versatility and broad experience allows me to take on numerous, vastly different topics.

To illustrate this, here is an insight into my experience, interests and passions:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Biotech IT specialist and technical writer
  • Verified copywriter
  • Understanding of human anatomy
  • Holistic health coaching
  • Personal fitness training
  • Senior Fitness and Wellness

My years of experience as a technical writer, copywriter, content creator, health coach and fitness trainer enhances my ability to produce copy on a wide range of topics.  Given the opportunity, I will add significant value to your organization. 

As a certified health coach and a personal trainer, I understand the challenges and intricacies of healthcare delivery, patient experience, and electronic health records.

By nature, I am curious, always learning, always seeking answers. New subject matter doesn’t intimidate me.

Writing for companies in the health and digital healthcare industries demonstrates that I have the versatility and flexibility to take on just about any copywriting challenge you might pass my way.

Invest your time and efforts in running your business. Learn more about what makes me different — and leave the writing to me!

What Services Do I Offer?

Versatility is at my core

Blog and Web Content

To connect with your readers and your audience, your company  needs an active, regularly updated blog. The sharing of product updates and content in the form of text, pictures, infographics, or videos should be part of your outreach strategy.

Digital Marketing

By writing web copy and content covering your marketing, social media outreach, email campaigns, marketing automation, inbound and outbound marketing, as well as website design, I’m able to effectively support all aspects of your company’s digital marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I support your goal to increase the quantity and quality of organic, or unpaid, website traffic to your website through search engine results.

Health & Wellness Copywriting

My passion is for everything and anything that involves health, wellness and even technology and I have expert skills to cover both topics.

Versatile Copywriter

Over many years as a tech guy in corporate Information Technology and since 2012 as a health coach and fitness trainer, I have developed a deep understanding of the role that copywriting can play in promoting health and wellness.

Case Studies

By creating your case studies, I help you to establish your brand as a topical authority. You will find that case studies are effective tools at converting visitors to your site into customers.

White Papers

Through the white papers I write, you share your company’s in-depth knowledge of its industry, products, and services.

B2B Content Writing & Copywriting

B2B writing means you need to persuade your business readers to take a specific action, like buying your product, signing up for your email list, or signing up for a demonstration. Or you might need content that is easily shared on social media and other business websites.

Internet Research Specialist

Depending on your line of business, thanks to AWAI, I have the training and skills to research think tanks, scholarly websites, industry publications, even competitor websites all pertaining to your industry. All you need to do is give me a starting point and for us to mutually agree on the deliverables.

Health Market Copywriting

Like most industries, the health industry has shifted its focus to online marketing. Health is complicated. 

To write about health issues, one has to understand them.  Fortunately, with my health and fitness coaching experience, I do. 

What People Are Saying

Feedback from colleagues and clients

"I had the pleasure of working closely with Allan on a software upgrade project at Biogen. Due to the project’s scope and complexity, frequent interaction was required with the vendor and various on-site technical groups.

Allan always accommodated our team's needs promptly and with careful attention. I thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration and would enjoy the opportunity to work with him again."
A. L.
Principal Analyst

Why hire me?

“Allan was a careful and conscientious colleague. While I worked with him, he was an excellent database specialist and technical support analyst. He was my go-to for anything database related at all times. He was reliable, and I could count on him when I needed him.”
L. L.
Senior Manager
“Allan is a great coworker and professional person. He has great technical skills and good at what he does. He is dedicated and a fun person to work with.”
P. G.
IT Project Lead

A Sample Selection of My Articles

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